Virginia Scottish Games - September 4 & 5, 2021


Visiting the Colonel Robert Morrison Clan Field is like a step back in time.  Visitors will encounter kilted clansmen and clanswomen in their traditional Highland garb.  The clan field has a village-like feel.  In it, one can discover their Scottish roots, learn more about their heritage, and find out which tartan is appropriate for them.  Even those visitors of non-Scottish descent will enjoy a tour of the clan field.  While there, why not sign up for a Gaelic lesson and learn a wee bit of this ancient Celtic language or just walk around the clan tents and visit with the representatives?  The clan members are friendly and knowledgeable.  Everyone is guaranteed to have an enjoyable time.


2021 Honored Clans

Clan Bell Society
Clan Montgomery Society, International


2021 Clans & Societies

American Clan Gregor Society

American Clan Lockhart Society

Clan Mackay Society of the USA

Clan Armstrong

Clan Buchanan

Clan Campbell Society

Clan Donald USA

Clan Donnachaidh

Clan Douglas

Clan Forbes

Clan Fraser

Clan Grant Society

Clan Guthrie USA

Clan Hamilton Society

Clan Henderson

Clan Lindsay, U.S.A.

Clan MacBean

Clan MacCallum-Malcolm

Clan MacDougall Society of North America

Clan MacInness

Clan MacLean

Clan MacPherson

Clan Matheson

Clan Maxwell

Clan Moffat

Clan Moncreiffe Society

Clan Morrison

Clan Ross America

Clan Sinclair

Clan Stewart Society in America

Elliot Clan Society

Fauquier Scottish Heritage Society

House of Gordon

Kena Highlander Pipes and Drums

Muirhead Clan Society

Outlandish National Capital Area

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

Scottish American Military Society

Scottish American Women's Society of Washington, D.C.

St. Andrew's Society Color Guard

St. Andrew's Society of Washington, D.C.


Lochcarron has created an interactive battlefield map that details all the Clan wars that took place across Scotland from the
12th to the 18th Centuries with an added feature of being able to filter battles by the different clans.  
Check it out!


CLan MacRae  Clan Irwin Clan Montgomery Clan Young Clan Maxwell  Clan Henderson Clan Kerr  Clan MacKay  Clan MacInnes Clan MacKenzie VA Academy of Fencing Clan MacPherson Clan Bell Clan Fraser Clan Scott Bruce Clan Donnachaidh Clan MacCallum  House of Gordon Clan Forbes Clan MacTavish  Clan Sinclair Clan Sheriff? Clan Lockhart Clan Moffat Clan MacLaren Clam MacFarlane Clan Graham Clan Campbell  Society of William Wallace  Clan Donald Clan MacDougall

Thank you to Beth McConnell Smith for the Clan photographs!

Clan & Society Questions - Amberleigh Leitenberger

Virginia Scottish Games Association 2021


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September 4 & 5, 2021
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