Virginia Scottish Games - September 3 & 4, 2016

Patrons & Trophies

 Patrons continue to be the lifeblood of the Virginia Scottish Games. It is only through your continued interest, generosity and support that we are able to bring the finest presentation of Scottish culture, heritage, crafts, and other activities to the general public.

We are continuing to upgrade the Patron experience.  Every year, Dawn does more and more with the snacks available all day long.  Over the last few years  we have seen the addition of some accoustical sets by the musicians playing in the Entertainment Tentand upgraded facilities for Patron use.  We hope to continue to improve the patron experience this year.


Would you lke to be a 2016 Patron?  Click HERE

Thank you to Barefoot, Chick-fil-A, Walkers Shortbread, The Rail Stop, and the Salmon Lady for their direct support of the Hospitality Tent.


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2016 Bonnie Prince Charlie


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2016 Trophies &Sponsors



2015 Trophies &Sponsors

Open Masters Classic - The Allie McConnell Memorial Award
Sponsored by COL & Mrs. Frank McConnell

Open Adaptive Athletics Athlete of the Day – The Duncan Family Award
Sponsored by Ms. Alexandra L. Duncan

Open Women’s Athlete of the Day
Sponsored by Ms. Alexandra L. Duncan

Professional Highland Heptathalon - Keith Tice Memorial Award
onsored by Mr. David S. McKenzie

ECC - Open Stone Medals
Sponsored by Mark & Sandi Henderson

Women's - Open Stone Medals
Sponsored by Mack & Mary McComas

Games Chieftain's Favorite Car
Sponsored by Mr. David S. McKenzie

Fiddler of the Day - Junior - Celtic Society of Southern Maryland Award
Sponsored by Celtic Society of Southern Maryland

Fiddler of the Day - Senior - Fauquier County Scottish Heritage Society Award
Sponsored by Kelly & Chris Baumgartner/Fauquier Scottish Heritage Association

Fiddling - Adult Novice - 1st Place - The Charles E. Watts Memorial Award
Sponsored by Barbara Saliunas

Fiddling - Best Air - The Anne & Francis Leslie Memorial Award
Sponsored by Suzanne McDougal

Fiddling - Best March - Clan Innes Award Award
Sponsored by Clan Innes

Fiddling - Best Reel - Greater DC Scottish Session Players Award
Sponsored by Peter W. Walker II

Fiddling - Best Set - The Leah Sparks Memorial Award
Sponsored by Peter W. Walker II

Fiddling - Best Strathspey - Diane Clinton McLean Memorial Award
Sponsored by Paul McLean

Fiddling - Junior - 1st Place - J.A. & C.A. MacDougall Memorial Award
Sponsored by Daniel F. MacDougall

Fiddling - Junior - 2nd Place - Ian Smith-Christmas Memorial Award
Sponsored by Harris Andrews & Ann Gates

Fiddling - Junior Novice - 1st Place - The William Kemp Memorial Award
Sponsored by Harris Andrews & Ann-Louise Gates

Fiddling - Most Promising Fiddler - Dr. James MacPherson Jarrett Memorial Award
Sponsored by Bill Jarrett

Fiddling - Open - 1st Place - The Paul Brockman Memorial Award
Sponsored by Nancy Brockman

Fiddling - Open - 2nd Place - Ronald Duncan Gonnella Award
Sponsored by James Fargo & Clan Donnachaidh Society

Fiddling - Open - 3rd Place - Potomac Valley Scottish Fiddle Club Award
Sponsored by Potomac Valley Scottish Fiddle Club

Highland Dance - Pre-Premier - Donald R. MacRae Memorial Award
Sponsored by Hon. Patrick E. MacRae, FSA, Scot.

Most Promising Dancer - in Honor of Cathy Fisher
Sponsored by Ed & Maria Ward

The Marguerite Reid Memorial Award
Sponsored by The Davidson School of Highland Dancing

Grade I - Piper of the Day - The Disabled American Veterans Trophy – In Honor of Charles J. Warren
Sponsored by Rosemary A. Warren

Grade III Pipe Band
Sponsored by Clan Wallace

Grade IV - Junior Drummer of the Day - The Coyle Family Award
Sponsored by John & Sharon Coyle

Grade IV - Senior Drummer of the Day
Sponsored by Martina Murphy

Grade IV Junior Piper of the Day - Robert Gilchrist Scholarship
- Sponsored by VSGA

Grade IV Pipe Band - The Robert L. Clarke Award
- Sponsored by The Rockville High School Pipe Band Booster Club

Professional Piper of the Day
- Sponsored by Kelly & Chris Baumgartner

Tenor Drummer of the Day - Marilyn C Frazier Memorial Trophy
- Sponsored by Lisa Frazier and Frazier Drumsticks

Tenor Drummer of the Day - The Katherine S. Wolgamott Memorial Trophy
- Sponsored by The Sauerhoff Family

Col. Robert Morrison Memorial Trophy
- Sponsored by VSGA


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Labor Day Weekend - September 3 & 4, 2016